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Null Handling in Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000213298
Wave Analytics can use data from Salesforce or from an external data source. To prevent data quality issues, Wave will disregard any fields in Salesforce or columns in external data that are entirely null.

The null field/column will not exist in the data set and references to that field/column in a dataflow transformation or in a lens/dashboard will cause errors.

There are two ways to fix errors that may arise from including a null field/column:

1. Make sure the field/column has at least one non-null value in the source data. If you do not need the field/column in Wave, do not include it in the dataflow sfdcDigest node or external data file.
2. Provide a default value for the field/column:

  • For dataflow fields: Use the defaultValue override in the dataflow definition. Details here.
  • For external data columns: Use the defaultValue override in the metadata schema. Details in the Fields section here.


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