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Best practices for mapping Salesforce fields to Marketing Cloud Attributes

Knowledge Article Number 000213311

Learn some tips for mapping your Salesforce fields to your Marketing Cloud Attributes below. First, keep in mind that there are certain types of fields in Salesforce that Marketing Cloud Attributes can and cannot be mapped to: 
  • Preference Attributes can only be mapped to Checkbox fields in Salesforce.
  • ​Profile Attributes cannot be mapped to Lookup Relationships, Checkboxes, or Picklists (Multi-Select).

Mapping fields best practices

  • You only need to map any new Attributes that you create in your account that you want to use for personalization in your email.
  • When mapping Attributes to fields in Salesforce, you'll want to map to fields of the same Data Type. For example, a Date field in Salesforce should be mapped to a Date field in the Marketing Cloud.
  • You can map an Attribute to a Salesforce Account field, however, we don't have rights to edit Account fields in Salesforce. Account fields are not specific to a Subscriber, and therefore, will not allow this field to be included on the Profile Center. The reason that this issue doesn't happen with the Leads related Attributes is because a Lead cannot be tied to an Account field, only to a Lead field. Lead and Contact related fields will show on the Profile center, but Account fields will not.
  • Keep in mind that if the Salesforce field you're looking for doesn't appear in the list to choose from then that means that it's a field that isn't supported by the Integration. You'll not be able to map your Attribute to it. You would need to change your field to be one that's a supported field type for the Contact, Lead or Account objects. No other objects are supported other than these three.

Want to learn more about Marketing Cloud Attributes? Review our help documentation on the topic.  

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