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Why does my sandbox show sandbox licenses after using the Match Production Licenses tool?

Knowledge Article Number 000213317
Description After using the Match Production Licenses tool on my sandbox, I noticed that when I navigate to Setup | Data Management | Sandboxes (or Setup | Deploy | Sandboxes), I now see that my sandbox org has sandbox licenses.

Why did this happen? Can I create new sandboxes using these copied licenses?
Resolution This behavior is expected.

The Match Production Licenses tool can be used to copy your production organization's license counts, limits, and features to your sandbox organization without a sandbox refresh.

This tool will match all the licenses and values with to your sandbox org, including sandbox licenses.

However, in the case of sandbox licenses, these are only valid for a production organization.

It is not possible to use these licenses to create new sandboxes from an  sandbox organization, even if the licenses are present.

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