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Replies for emails are still forwarded after Reply Mail Management is turned off

Knowledge Article Number 000213319
If your Reply Mail Management (RMM) setting called "DNS Record Redirect Complete" is set to "No," emails sent before RMM was turned off are still forwarded to the email address set up in RMM. Learn why below. 

Messages will continue to be forwarded for emails sent before RMM turned off if the following actions occur: 

  • RMM is activated and configured for your account.
  • An email is sent from Marketing Cloud.
  • RMM is set to "No" in DNS Record Direct Complete. Check your settings:
1. In Marketing Cloud Email, click Admin.
2. Click the + next to Account Settings to expand the menu.
3. Click Reply Mail Management to see your RMM Settings.
  • A reply to the email is sent.
Note: The reply to the email is still forwarded to the correct email address that was set up in RMM because the original email was sent before RMM was turned off.

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