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Salesforce for Outlook sync error - Nullable object must have a value.

Knowledge Article Number 000213320
Description While synchronizing Events with Salesforce for Outlook version 2.7 and earlier, the sync may fail with the following error message:

Unable to sync. Review the appropriate log for details. Nullable object must have a value.
- The Salesforce for Outlook sync log will contain this error:
2015-03-10 15:01:01,225 ERROR [Event] ***********  Sync Engine  ***********  Error System.InvalidOperationException: Nullable object must have a value.
- The Salesforce for Outlook Trace log in %AppData%\\Salesforce for Outlook\logs may contain the following error:
2015-03-10 17:24:32,069 [SyncThread] DEBUG olsyncconnector OLEvent series 040000008200E00074C5B7101A82E0080000099849CF01000000000000000010000000D03D0462BD583B4AB7AB6DF0E6BD3B01 has undergone a critical change since it was last seen.

This error message has changed in the logs as well as the GUI with Salesforce for Outlook version 2.8 and newer


GUI Error
User-added image
- Trace Log would show
2015-07-01 16:24:44,291 [SyncThread] DEBUG ui              Adding error item to view: Event 1 Error: OutlookRead
2015-07-01 16:24:44,294 [SyncThread] DEBUG ui              Adding error item to view: Event 1 Error: OutlookRead
2015-07-01 16:24:44,298 [SyncThread] ERROR syncengine      [Event] An error occurred in converting OL record Event 1 of type Event. Error: Sfdc.Synchronization.InvalidUpdateOperationException: Detected a previously-synced single event that was promoted to a series in outlook  at Sfdc.Synchronization.EventSyncEngine.CheckUpdateOperationIsValid(IOLRecord outlookRecord, SyncedMappingItem mappingItem)
   at Sfdc.Synchronization.SyncEngine.ApplyUpdatesToSfdcPreprocess(IList`1 updatesFromOutlook, ConflictRecords conflicts, IList`1& updatedItems, IList`1& recreateItems)


This error will happen when a past due sync'd single event is changed to a series in Outlook. A single event changed to a recurring event.
Steps to reproduce
1. Create a single event in Outlook
2. Sync the event to Salesforce
3. In Outlook, convert the event to a recurring series with a past start date.
4. Sync and you should be able to reproduce this error

If you upgrade to the latest version of SFO (version 2.8 or newer) you should be able to see more meaningful messages in the SFO trace logs that would point out to the problematic event. But in general, this error occurs mostly because it was a single event that was converted into a recurring series in Outlook.

To resolve this issue and sync the series, you would need to delete and replace the event with a new recurring series in Outlook and then try to sync again.

If you have SFO version 2.7 and older, you can also reach out to Salesforce support and refer to article number 000198641


** To find out what version of SFO you have installed please refer to  What version of Salesforce for Outlook do I have installed article

1. Find the "Nullable object must have a value" error in the sync log

2. Search the trace log for a "has undergone a critical change since it was last seen" line with time stamp very close to the time stamp of the error in 
the sync log.  The long string of letters and numbers before "has undergone" is the Outlook record ID.

3. Use the steps in the "no mapping record found" article to find the event name.

4. Find the Event in Outlook and remove the recurrence then create a new recurring event, or mark the event to not sync with Salesforce.


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