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Differences between Salesforce1 and Fullsite Search

Knowledge Article Number 000213325
Description When utilizing search in Salesforce1 the search results are different depending on the terms searched for.
Resolution There can be many causes for the search results to be different in the Native app for Android and iOS devices. A few things to keep in mind when leveraging the search options for Salesforce1 (Shown in the screenshot below) is to make sure you are clicking the search option before looking for your record on the list of available results.

User-added image

If the Search for "" text is not clicked the app does not query the system for records and will only show prior cached records previously open on the app which can give the appearance that the app is not showing all the same records as the fullsite. 

With the global and record specific search Wildcards will work and bring up any records with the text provided. If wildcards are utilized in Field lookups they will not function as they are not supported.


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