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Unsubscribe events fail when tracking is run in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Knowledge Article Number 000213331
In the Q2 2013 release, Marketing Cloud security roles installed with the solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM were modified to remove access to create and edit accounts, leads, and contacts. This access was removed so clients can give users Marketing Cloud access and still honor the existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM permissions for that user. 

Beginning in the Q2 2013 build, any user requesting tracking, including the user running the rolling tracking, must have access to edit accounts, contacts, and leads. If the user requesting tracking does not have the ability to edit accounts, leads, and contacts, then the unsubscribe events will not come back from Marketing Cloud because the bulk email flag cannot be updated by the user. All other tracking events will continue to come back. The unsubscribe events can still be pulled back at a later time once a user with the proper access runs the tracking jobs. 
To resolve, confirm that the user that is setup to run the "Salesforce Marketing Cloud Process: Update Tracking" for the rolling tracking has the proper access before installing this new solution. To identify the user of the process:
1. Click Processes from the CRM navigation bar.
2. Select Salesforce Marketing Cloud Process: Update Tracking.
3. Click Administration

To determine if the user has the necessary permissions set:

1. Click Settings.
2. Click Administration .
3. Click Users.
4. Select the user name.
5. Click Security Roles. 
6. Click on each role individually. 
7. Select the Core Records tab.
8. Ensure that the Write permission is set to at least "User" level for Account, Contact, and Lead. 

At least one security role assigned to the user will need to have edit permissions for these entities for both the Rolling Tracking user and the user accessing tracking.

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