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Prevent Opportunity creation upon Lead Conversion

Knowledge Article Number 000213337
Description Within you business processes, you might have your process setup, as to not have Opportunities created directly from Leads during conversion.

The Lead Conversion Page Layout and the conversion process are not customizable though.

Still using a validation rule you can prevent creation of an Opportunity upon Lead Conversion.
Resolution As a workaround, please follow the following steps:
  • Create a Checkbox field on Opportunity, default Unchecked
  • Create a Checkbox field on Leads, default Checked
  • Map the Lead field to the Opportunity field
  • Create a Validation rule on Opportunities
    • As the error Condition Formula just insert the Checkbox field you just created.
    • As the error message, something like: "Do not create an Opportunity from a Lead"
    • Show on top of Page

Now do not forget that on Leads that existed, before the field was created, the Checkbox will be unchecked

(The Checkbox fields do not need to be on the Page Layout.)

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