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Check the status of a Marketing Cloud Connector Integration

Knowledge Article Number 000213343

Checking the status of a Marketing Cloud Account that's integrated with Salesforce can quickly rule out many common issues. Follow the steps below to check the integration's status. 


Check the status


1. Click the Subscribers tab within your Marketing Cloud account.
2. Click Profile Management.
3. Click Create.
4. Select the Salesforce tab in the window that appears. 

If you're able to select mappings for Contacts and Leads, then the integration has been confirmed. If an error is received, then the following confirmed setup items need to be checked. 


  • The correct Connector package has been installed in your Salesforce environment. 
  • The Trusted Marketing Cloud IP Ranges have been added to Salesforce. 
  • The Tracking User configured in the Marketing Cloud has the correct password and is not locked out or disabled in Salesforce. 
  • The Salesforce user configured as the Tracking User has sufficient permissions for the integration to function.

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