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BEST PRACTICES: Edit Quotas for Collaborative Forecasting

Knowledge Article Number 000213348
Salesforce Cloud Services

Edit Quotas for Collaborative Forecasting

Collaborative Forecasting is an excellent way to track your business. But entering your rep's quotas can only be done through the API.

Edit Quotas is an app that lets a sales manager view and set quotas within the Salesforce graphical user interface.

  • Simple screens to view and edit your sales reps' forecasts
  • Set new quotas quickly by copying quotas from a previous forecast period
  • Security controls guarantee that quotas can only be viewed and edited by those who are authorized

Collaborative Forecasting is an excellent tool for sales managers to track the performance of their reps. But without Edit Quotas, entering quota data required an admin with knowledge of the Salesforce API.

Edit Quotas is an easy-to-use application that provides a personalized view of a manager's reps, and allows them to view and set quotas for each rep. Edit Quotas works for organizations that forecast monthly or quarterly, based on either revenue or quantity.

The application gives the right visibility to this sensitive data, based on a user's role in the organization and their level in the forecast hierarchy. You can rest assured that a manager will only view and set the quotas for which they have authority.

The AppExchange App can be found here:

The source code for this App can be found at

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