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How to widen email templates?

Knowledge Article Number 000213365
Description In some incidents, Email templates sent from Salesforce displays skinny or narrowed in some of email clients (outlook or any other mail client). In this kind of situation, increasing width of email template is the only way to address this and ensuring a professional look to the mail being sent.

Increasing width of Email Template is only possible using API. We can use data loader for this solution.

Follow the below steps to modify the width of the email template

  1. Start Data Loader, Click on Export
  2. Tick Mark "Show all Salesforce objects" and Select Email Template
  3. In Next Step, Select all fields and click on Finish
  4. Now Open your export Excel. 
  5. Find the template in Excel Row using name or Template Id
  6. Go to the column named "HTMLVALUE"
  7. In this column you will find values like this,<table height="400" width="550" cellpadding="5" border="0" cellspacing="5">
  8. Modify width attribute to your required one and save the CSV file
  9. Start Data loader again, Click Update
  10. Select Email Template
  11. Select File, Map fields and Click on Finish
The template will get into the salesforce with the modified width.

Note: Salesforce does not recommend any particular width as it is purely dependent on the email client and has to be found by trial and error. Hence it is best to test this on sandbox with a test email account and check how the email received looks like.



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