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Send SMS and/or Send Push Activities are missing in Journey Builder Interactions

Knowledge Article Number 000213379
If some users in the Account can see SMS and/or Send Push Activities, but others cannot, there is a resolution. Learn the assets that are needed in order for Send SMS and Send Push Activities to be activated in Journey Builder Interactions below. 
Visibility of these Activities is controlled for a User by the Marketing Cloud Extension Manager app.  Contact your Account Administrator and request that they follow these steps: 

1. In the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, go to Platform | Marketing Cloud Extension Manager.
2. Click Manage for either "JourneyBuilder extensions for MobileConnect" or "JourneyBuilder integration for MobilePush."
3. In the left-hand column, select the Business Unit for which the User is missing the Activity.
4. A list of all Users with permission to access that Business Unit will be displayed.
5. Find the User you wish to add permission to see this Activity.
6. Hover over the User name, and it will be highlighted in green.  Click the "+" icon that appears.

The User will now see the Activity in Journey Builder Interactions.

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