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Received the "Validate the email in ExactTarget and retry" error in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Knowledge Article Number 000213387
You received the error, "Message: Validate the email in ExactTarget and retry" when trying to integrate Marketing Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 


To validate an email

1. Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click ExactTarget.
2. Click Configuration.
3. Click ExactTarget to directly access ExactTarget using your mapped User. 
4. Click Email.
5. Click Content.
6. Click Emails.
7. Find the email that was being sent when the error was received. 
8. Select the checkbox for that email.
9. Click Validate
10. Select Sendable Data Extensions.
11. Select the Data Extension which has the same name as the Field Mapping Set used within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
12. Select Validate.

After validation, a list of the errors in the email is presented. The errors need to be corrected before it can be used for a Send.  After correcting those items, follow the validation steps again to confirm it's now valid. Once valid, return to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to send the email.

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