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Issue with using "Current User: Time Zone" field in Escalation Rule Criteria

Knowledge Article Number 000213414
Description If we use "Current User: Time Zone" field in Escalation Rule Criteria and if the time zone changes with daylight saving, it won't automatically change in the rule Criteria.

This will result in rule not working, after daylight changes.
Resolution If "Current User: Time Zone" field is used in Escalation Rule Criteria and if the selected timezone changes with daylight saving the rule would stop working after daylight time changes.

The users time zone changes automatically as standard functionality but the Escalation Rule Criteria does not. This is not limited to escalation rule alone but anywhere the user time zone is used as a criteria.

The rule criteria needs to be changed manually or alternatively we can have 2 criteria defined which is a better solution


If the rule criteria is "Current User: Time Zone equals (GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time (America/Los_Angeles)".
This rule would not work after day light saving changes to "(GMT-07:00) Pacific Daylight Time (America/Los_Angeles)".


Workaround is to create two Escalation Rule one for Standard Time and one for Daylight Time.


If rule criteria is:

Case: Case Record TypeEQUALSProductSupport  AND Current User: Time ZoneEQUALS(GMT-08:00) Pacific Standard Time (America/Los_Angeles)

Create one more rule criteria after daylight change
Case Record TypeEQUALSProductSupport  AND Current User: Time ZoneEQUALS(GMT-07:00) Pacific Daylight Time (America/Los_Angeles)

This would solve the issue since one of the two will kick in at any point and there would be no issues in future


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