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Update child records from parent using Process Builder

Knowledge Article Number 000213419
Description How do I update child records from its parent using Process Builder?

The Process Builder allows you to update child records whenever the parent record is modified. Here's how: 

  1. Create a new Process
  2. Select the Record you would like to update. Example record in account Object. 
  3. Define the Criteria. 
  4. In "Immediate Action," select Update Records. 
  5. Click on the "Object" drop down: Select the Account record that started your process and Select a record related to the Account:
     These are radio buttons and only one can be selected and to update child records you need to select send option “Select a record related to the Account”
  6. In "Find a field," look for the child object name you want to update.
    • If child object is a Custom Object the name would contain "__r" at the end.
  7. Select the Child Object name, and then click Save. 
  8. In "Set new value" section, define the field that you want to update in child records and what value it should contain
  9. Click Save.
Similar steps can be used to update lookup fields using process builder too.

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