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SAML Single Sign On (SSO) configuration for an Agency Client Account

Knowledge Article Number 000213426
An Agency Client Account is able to use SAML for Single Sign-On when configured at the top-level agency account. Before taking the steps to set up SSO, review these important tips: 
  • There can only be one identity provider set up within a given parent account. 
  • The key is created and held at the agency (parent) level. 
  • Agency Client Accounts don't have the ability to have their own IDP defined (via metadata), it's driven off the top level admin account's metadata. 


Configure SSO

The agency sets the SSO and Federation ID for the Agency Client User (use the parent account) by following these steps:

1. Click Admin.
2. Click View Accounts.
3. Check the box for the "Agency Client Account."
4. Click Edit Account.
5. Click on the User that you would like to configure for SSO. 
6. Click Edit.
7. Input SSO and Federation ID. 
8. Click Save.

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