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Can Workflow actions, Processes or Triggers kick off after the email verification occurs when changing a User's email address?

Knowledge Article Number 000213453
Description We are trying to automate some actions based on the confirmation after a User changes its email address. When editing a User's email address an email is sent to the owner of the new address for verification. We would like changes to occur when the new address is verified. Is this possible using Workflows? Processes? Triggers?
Resolution Currently it is not possible to automate actions based on the verification after the change occurs. You'll need to validate the moment when the User is edited and not the verification that occurs afterwards.

Workflows, Processes, Triggers are invoked for data manipulation language (DML) operations. This type of operation occurs, for example, when you Edit-Save the User Record to initially modify the email address. However, clicking on the email confirmation link is not a DML operation and Workflows, Triggers and Processes are not evaluated.

There's an Idea on our Idea Exchange website that you can promote: User trigger needs to fire after the confirmation email link is clicked.

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