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Site guest users trying to access salesforce standard pages in sites

Knowledge Article Number 000213455

Use Case:

If a user has a VF page which has a link redirected to a standard salesforce page on a custom object. 

For example:
Visual Force Page : First_Page
Object: TestObject__c
First Page has a link onClick is redirected to standard record of custom object. In the org the URL might seem like, site has,

  •   "First_Page" added under Site accessible visual force pages
  •  "TestObject__c" has all the required permissions
  •   All the fields in "TestObject__c" are also accessible
  •  Custom object tab is "Default On" and also has the standard salesforce page layout assigned to this profile


Resolution " sites only deal with VisualForce pages and not standard pages"

Even if the object has all the required permissions, when you try to access the site,
You will be able to access First_Page, but once you click the link to standard salesforce page, you will be redirected to "Authorization Required" or "Page Under Construction" pages.

Users with guest user license will not be able to access standard salesforce pages using sites.

In sites,  users should create a custom VF page and add it to the site accessible VF pages list.

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