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To whom does the task gets assigned to when an empty role is used as an assignee?

Knowledge Article Number 000213466
Description When a workflow task has been created and you try to use a role that is empty (users are not assigned to that role), the task gets assigned to the owner of the record where the task is created on. 

This is expected behavior. Similar to how assigning workflow tasks to a role where multiple users are assigned, as referenced on this document: 

Creating Tasks for Workflow, Approvals, or Milestones

"​If the assignee of a workflow task is a role and more than one user belongs to that role, the record owner becomes the task assignee, regardless of their role. We recommend that you not assign tasks to roles with multiple users. Assigning tasks to roles with one user allows you to easily change the user in that role without modifying the workflow rule"

- assigning the task to a role where no user is assigned to automatically lets the system make the record owner be the default "Assignee" of the task. 

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