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Setup Lightning for Outlook for Exchange On-Premises

Knowledge Article Number 000213467
Description To setup Lightning for Outlook with an On Premises Exchange server (2013 or 2016) you will need to obtain the "Exchange Metadata URL" from you Exchange server. Please follow these steps to get that URL and provide it in Salesforce Setup.
Resolution To get the Exchange Metadata URL perform the following steps:

1. Download the XML file included in this article

2. Use Outlook Web Access (OWA, aka Outlook on the web in Chrome/Firefox/IE/Edge/Safari) to log into your corporate email account

3. Click on the cog icon in the top right hand corner
Depending on the version of your Office, you need to click on the Mail (under the "your app settings" portion)  or click on Manage Integrations then click on Add-in link as you see in the screen shot below and select Add from file

User-added image


User-added image

or if your Office 365 opens up a panel that expanded on the left, click the General section > Manage Add-Ins. That will take you to a page with a URL in your browser looking like
User-added image
5. Click on the + icon there and Add from File and point to the .xml file downloaded earlier in step 1.

6. Click on "Next" followed by "Install" and "OK"

7.Now go back to Outlook and select an email in your email inbox in order to see a tab called "Salesforce LFO Test"

8. Select the "Salesforce LFO Test" tab and you will get the "Exchange Metadata URL"

9. Also add the domains that pertain to your Exchange by clicking on the "New" button under the "Microsoft® Outlook® Web App Domain" table
      9a. Look at the URL in your browser when accessing your email in OWA
      9b. Take the mail domain portion of that URL and add it in Lightning for Outlook Settings
10. Click "Save" 

If the data for the fields does not populate try using a different browser.

PLEASE NOTE: If the URL can not be reached by Salesforce, you will not be able to perform some actions such as adding emails to Salesforce records. You may also see one of the following error messages:
"We can't connect Lightning for Outlook to your email. Tell your Salesforce administrator it's a problem with the metadata URL"
"We encountered a problem. Try again, or contact your administrator and mention there was a communication error with Exchange"
"We encountered a problem. Try again, or contact your administrator and mention we couldn't validate the Exchange identity token"

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