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Setup Lightning for Outlook for Exchange 2013

Knowledge Article Number 000213467
Description To setup Lightning for Outlook with On Premise Exchange 2013 you will need to obtain the "Exchange Metadata URL" from you Exchange server.*  In order gather this URL we are providing an app that installs in the Exchange 2013 adding applications(see attachment).   
Resolution To get the "Exchange Metadata URL" perform the following steps:
1. Download the "TokenDecoder.xml" included in this article
2. Log in to your Exchange 2013 web interface.
3. Click on the Cog in the top right hand corner and select Manage Apps
 User-added image
4. Click on the "+" Symbol and select "Add from File"
User-added image
5. Browse to the location where the "TokenDecoder.xml" was downloaded to
6. Click on "Next" followed by "Install" and "OK"
7.Now go back to Outlook and select any email in your Inbox you will now see a new tab called "Token Decoder"
8. Select the "Token Decoder" tab and you will be able to see the "Exchange Metadata URL"
9. Take the "Exchange Metadata URL" and add it to the field in Salesforce located in SETUP | EMAIL CONNECT | SALESFORCE APP FOR OUTLOOK and click the "Save" button to apply the changes.
10. Also add the domains that pertain to your Exchange by clicking on the "New" button under the "Microsoft® Outlook® Web App Whitelist" options
11. Click "Save" 

If the Data for the fields does not populate try using a different browser.

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