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Change the currency on an existing Opportunity

Knowledge Article Number 000213477
I have Multi Currency enabled in my Organization and have created an Opportunity with an specific currency. Now that the opportunity has been created, I would like to change the Currency, but I don't see the field in the Opportunity "Edit" page. I am also not able to modify the value using Inline Editing. Learn how you  can change the value once the Opportunity Record has been saved.

Changing the Currency

Organizations that have Multi-currency enabled have the option of setting the default currency for each Opportunity. Before the currency can be modified, you'll first need to check the following:
  • The field should be set to "Visible" on the Page Layout
  • There can't be any Products on the Opportunity. This is because the Product record was added to the opportunity using the Opportunity Currency.
  • Any Product records must be removed from the Opportunity before the Opportunity Currency can be modified.

Once you have confirmed the above, you can change the value. Here's how: 

1. Go to the Opportunity. 
2. Click Edit.
3. Find the field called "Opportunity Currency," and then select the currency you'd like to change it to. 
4. Click Save.

Quick Tip:
Check out our documentation on Setting your Corporate Currency

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