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Top Salesforce questions answered

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Got an issue? Check out the following videos, help topics and other content that address some of the most common questions and challenges.

New to Salesforce or just not finding the right Help Information? Watch this short video - 
How to Search in Help - Fine tune your search settings and learn to use the filters so that you can find exactly what you need, every time.


Summer '15 release resources

Release details - Access to release notes, and a preview of the Summer '15 release to help you better understand the impact to your business.

Get up and running

Import data - Learn how to use our built-in tools to get your critical data (accounts, contacts and leads) into Salesforce.
Add and manage users - Learn how to add single and multiple users to Salesforce.
Create reports and dashboards - A wealth of information, including a video series on setting up and using reports, dashboards and report builder.
Create custom fields (video) 
Need help logging in? - If your users can't sign in, send this this helpful video to get them on their way.

Set up workflow rules and approvals

Create a workflow rule - Get step-by-step help on setting up a workflow rule. 
Troubleshoot workflow (video) - Figure out how to fix common issues, like if your workflow isn't working as expected.
Time triggers and time-dependent considerations - Learn how to create a time-based rule.
Access email from a lookup field (video)
Process Builder limits and considerations - Before you get started with processes, make sure you understand the limits and considerations.

Go deeper with Salesforce

Get started with Apex code - Get more out of Salesforce  by using Apex.
Set up Salesforce for Outlook - Learn how to set up Salesforce for Outlook, and how to fix common problems.

Need help Getting Started? Go to to access live webinars, videos, set- up series and more!

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