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Determine whether emails are displaying properly

Knowledge Article Number 000213496
There are several ways to determine whether your emails are displaying correctly, outlined below. 

Partnership with Return Path

Through this partnership, there are options for reports accessed through the application: Inbox Preview, Inbox Detective and Reputation Monitor. Specifically, Inbox Preview can help you preview what an email looks like in different email clients prior to sending. 

Set up test accounts

Another option is to set up test accounts with all of the major email clients. Focus on the major clients or more specific ones as needed based upon your audience: Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, and Outlook. Remember that there are newer and older versions of the email clients, and if appropriate, also test each in the major web browsers. You can then use the Marketing Cloud Test Email feature to preview email formatting.

Tip: Gmail will expose syntax errors. Additionally, Outlook 2007 and Hotmail in Firefox tend to expose major rendering problems. It's important to test in all email clients, but these are especially key.


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