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Common Data Management and Data Export issues.

Knowledge Article Number 000213497
Description Find out what happens if  there's been a request to export data from Data Management || Data export and the export time has been reached.
Resolution If an export request is in progress when a scheduled export is supposed to start that scheduled export will be skipped and the next scheduled date will be shown.  After the current export completes the user can request an export manually before the next scheduled date, though they should keep in mind there is a minimum 6 day interval between requests.

An email stating that the data export completed but, when I went to download the files they are no longer there.

The cause of this is typically one of two things, both expected functionality.
1. Over 48 business hours have passed since the export completed
2. Or the more common one, a new export request was submitted.  Many times this is seen when an export completes on a Friday after working hours and new exports are scheduled on Sunday night.  One suggested method is to schedule for Monday night to allow for data to be downloaded that day if it completed near or over the weekend.

Both of these will cause the files to be deleted.  If you have a very large number of files that will take more than 48 hours to download please log a case and we can enable a feature that removes this time restriction, the files will still delete though if a new export is requested.

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