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Marketing Cloud - Email Rendering - Outlook Image Padding

Knowledge Article Number 000213501
Description Why did the padding around images in the editor disappear when sent to Microsoft Outlook?
Resolution Microsoft Outlook uses the Microsoft Word engine to renders emails which is different compared to how emails are rendered in other mail clients. As Microsoft Word disregards the padding, you will need to do one of the following to resolve this:
  • Add white space around the image within the image itself. Upload this image to Marketing Cloud and insert the new image into your email.
  • Add an additional white image next to the graphic.
  • Insert the image in to a table with a fixed width so that a space will appear between the image and the content.
  • Insert an HSPACE HTML tag in to the image HTML. HSPACE sets the amount of white space on the left and right side of an image. 

Here is an example of HSPACE HTML Code:
<img src="{image_file_name}" 
height =100 width =100
hspace="{Padding_in_Pixels}" align=left> 

Your text goes here.

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