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Can we have the standard name field size increased on a custom object?

Knowledge Article Number 000213509
Description How to increase the standard name file size from 80 to 255 on a custom object?
Resolution It is not possible to change the length of the standard name field on a custom object. However, you can follow the below mentioned workaround:
  1. Rename the Out of box Name field to Id and set it to Auto number 
  2. Configure a new text fields to store the Name (can be more than 80 chars or 255) 
  3. Train the Users to use the SEARCH ALL fields option in the lookup. Default is based on the Id, but the user can change the selection to ALL FIELDS and then type in the text from the custom Name field. And this will bring in the results 

You can find more details on these workaround in the link below: 

There is also an idea which has been created for this. Please make sure to vote for it.


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