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BEST PRACTICES: Navigating the Training Catalog within the Help & Training Portal

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Salesforce Cloud Services
Navigating the Training Catalog within the Help & Training Portal

Salesforce offers several training courses and modules to both Standard and Premier Success customers on various topics, such as navigating Salesforce, creating reports & dashboards, using Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and training on numerous other features and functionality.

These courses are accessed through our Help & Training Portal and this article will help users access and navigate the content accordingly.

Accessing the Help & Training Portal

Customers can access the Help & Training Portal by clicking the Help & Training link from within their instance (top right corner) or by visiting directly. It is important to authenticate with your Salesforce credentials in order to access the training content. Users that access the portal through the Help & Training link within their instance should be authenticated automatically. 

Accessing the Training Catalog

Once the Help & Training portal is displayed (and user is authenticated), you should see a Take Training button at the top right of the page:

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Selecting this button will take you into the Training Catalog where you can search for and filter on training content:

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Once in the Training Catalog, you can see the key areas of interest:

1 - Find a Course: Search for courses by title or filter based on training method, product area, catalog, or job role. 
2 - Learning Paths: View recommended learning paths for users.
3 - My Training: View, export, and print your in-progress and completed training courses.
4 - Find a Course: Search for courses by title or content.
5 - Filter Panel: Filter courses based on training method, product area, catalog, or job role.
6 - Course Listing: List of courses available, matching search results or filters (if applied). Click the + to see the modules within the course.

Filter Training Content

To assist users in more easily locating training content, a filter panel is provided to narrow down the results that are displayed:

User-added image
User-added image

Users can filter training by a number of methods using the filter panel:

1 - Self-Paced Online Training: Displays courses that are included as part of the Training Catalog that users can complete at their own pace. Users can also filter by language.
2 - Instructor Led Training: Displays courses that are offered in an instructor led format (in-person or virtually) at an additional cost. Users can filter by region and purchase training here.
3 - Product(s): Allows users to filter courses based on product area, such as Analytics, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and others. Premier Success customers can filter on Customizable Training to download customizable training content (storyboards and demo scripts).
4 - Catalog(s): Allows users to filter courses based on Standard or Premier content.
5 - Job Role(s): Allows users to filter courses based on job role, such as Sales Rep/Manager, Marketing Manager, Beginning Administrator, and others.
6 - Update Search: Use this button to update the search results after making changes in the filter panel.

Search for Training Content

Users can also search for courses by the name or content of the course:

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Once a course is expanded, the details of the course can be viewed:

1 - Course Title: Displays the title of the course.
2 - Product Area: Displays the product area of the course.
3 - Catalog: Displays the catalog of the course.
4 - Course Length: Displays the overall length of the entire course, including all modules.
5 - Course Description: Displays the description and objective of the course.
6 - Prerequisites & Job Role: Displays the recommended prerequisite courses and job roles this course applies to.
7 - Modules: List the module(s) that make up this course.
8 - Module Description: Lists the title and description of each module within the course. Click on the title to launch the module. 
9 - Module Length: Displays the overall length of each module. 

For more training resources check out the Success Journey Hub


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