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Social posts not Showing in a Sandbox Organization with Social Customer Service

Knowledge Article Number 000213527

Through the Social Customer Service Integration with Social Hub, I no longer see new social posts or cases appear in my Sandbox Organization in Service Cloud.

When you refresh your Salesforce Sandbox Organization, it generates a new unique Organization ID. When this happens, your existing rules in the Social Hub still reference the previous Organization ID, and your Social Posts and Cases will not be sent to Service Cloud until the rules are updated with the new Organization ID.

Fix your Social Hub rules and send posts in your sandbox organization again


 1. If you are using a Social Customer Service connection, re-authenticate your Radian6 account in your Salesforce sandbox organization.


 1. Click Setup.
 2. Select Build | Customize | Social Apps Integration | Social Customer Management.
 3. Click the Settings tab.
 4. Under "Radian6 credentials", enter your Radian6 username and password, then log in.


 2. Update your Social Hub rules to send posts to the new organization ID.


 1. Login to the Social Hub
 2. Click the tab called Connections
 3. Click from the left menu. Under Social Customer Service Orgs, your new Sandbox Organization Name and ID should appear.
 4. Click the Rules tab.
 5. Click the Pencil Icon next to any rules with a Send to Salesforce Action that send posts to your previous Organization ID.
 6. Under the Send to Salesforce Action in your Rule configuration, select the new Sandbox Organization ID from the drop-down menu.
 7. Click Update Rule to save your new rule configuration.


 3. If necessary, re-run your rules to process the posts that were missed after you refreshed your Sandbox organization.

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