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No Social Posts or Cases are being sent to my Salesforce Sandbox after a refresh

Knowledge Article Number 000213529
When you refresh your Salesforce Sandbox Organization, it gets a new organization ID. If your rules in Social Hub still point to the previous Organization ID, the cases or social posts will not go into Salesforce until the rules are updated with the new Organization ID.

To begin receiving posts in your Salesforce Sandbox Organization again, please complete the following steps. 

1. If you're using a Radian6 for Salesforce connection type, connect your new Salesforce Sandbox Organization ID.

1. Go to Radian6 Social Hub at
2. Under Connections | Radian6 for Salesforce Orgs, click Add Sandbox Orgs.
3. Follow the prompts to add your Sandbox Organization.

The new Organization ID will appear in the list of Radian6 for Salesforce Organizations.

2.  Update your Social Hub rules to send posts to the new Organization ID.

1. Click the Rules tab.
2. Click the pencil next to edit any rules with a Send to Salesforce action sending posts to your previous Organization ID.
3. Under the "Send to Salesforce" action in your rule configuration, select the new Sandbox Organization ID.
4. Save your updated rule configuration.

3. Reauthenticate your Radian6 User in the Radian6 for Salesforce package.

1. In your Salesforce Organization, go to App Set | Installed Packages.
2. Click Configure next to Radian6 for
3. Click Edit.
4. Enter your Radian6 password for the Integration username listed.
5. Click Save.

4. If necessary, rerun your rules to process the posts that were missed after you refreshed your Sandbox Organization.

Once you've re-authenticated your Radian6 User and updated your rules to point to the current Salesforce Sandbox Organization ID, you may choose to rerun your rules to send posts into Salesforce that were missed after your Sandbox Organization was refreshed.

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