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EWS utility for debugging Lightning Sync authentication issue

Knowledge Article Number 000213533
Description Some customers may experience Lightning Sync service account authentication issue in the UI and their service account fails to connect

Resolution In order to debug this issue, we may need customers to run the EWS utility (provided as a downloadable link on this article) in their environment and share the results with us. To run the Java utility user will need Java installed on the PC or Mac.  Please follow below instructions to capture the debug logs from customer:

Send the provided link at the bottom of this article to download the EWS Utility to customer and have them follow the steps below:

1. Create a new folder on the computer e.g. C:\ExchangeSyncLogs (assuming they are on Windows PC)
2. Download and extract the EWS Utility  to the new folder
3. Click on Start and type in CMD and when cmd.exe shows up on the start menu, simply right click on it and click on Run as administrator
4. On the command prompt type  CD \ExchangeSyncLogs   and hit enter to get to that folder location
User-added image
5. Replace the Type the following command and replace username and password as needed and hit enter:
-username             Your Service Account
-passwd               {Your password}
-impUsername          Target Mailbox
java -cp ./EWSTest-0.9.204-5-jar-with-dependencies.jar -username -passwd   password -impUsername > testResults.txt 2>&1
Here is an example (Do not copy paste this in to your command prompt window)

java -cp ./EWSTest-0.9.204-5-jar-with-dependencies.jar -username -passwd 3$sal3sSync -impUsername > testResults.txt 2>&1

User-added image
6. The above command will generate a log saved as testResults.txt in C:\ExchangeSyncLogs folder.
It may take a few minutes before command is completed so please be patient.

Please provide the  testResults.txt file from the C:\ExchangeSyncLog as well as the command they pasted in the Command Prompt (CMD) window.

Please make sure they have replaced their password from the command (-passwd ) with some other values such as xxxx

Example of the command that customer should provide 
java -cp ./EWSTest-0.9.204-5-jar-with-dependencies.jar -username -passwd myPassW0rd$ -impUsername > testResults.txt 2>&1

  <<<<<<<<<Download the EWS Tool  here>>>>>>>>> 

* Make sure to download this tool using the link above every time you need to run it (Instead of using the version you have previously downloaded).
** You need the latest version to get a meaningful log file. Also, please ensure the file name in the java command matches with the downloaded file name.


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