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A Triggered Send definition from a Smart Capture does not work

Knowledge Article Number 000213546
With Enterprise 1.0 accounts, a subscriber must be associated with a Channel Member (On-Your-Behalf account). Because of this, the following must be present for the subscriber object to be passed to the Triggered Send: 
  • The subscriber object must have an Owner.
  • The owner must have a ClientID. 
  • The ClientID must have an ID value set to the MemberID of the On Your Behalf account. 
  • The subscriber object must have an attribute of ChannelMemberID.
  • The ChannelMemberID attribute should have a value of the MemberID of the On-Your-Behalf Account.


To resolve the issue, complete the following workaround: 
1. Complete the SmartCapture creation process, including setting up the Triggered Send action. 
2. Override the generated AMPscript. 
3. Modify the AMPscript as described in "How to Create a Triggered Send for an On-Your-Behalf Account via AMPscript." 

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