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BatchIDs in Marketing Cloud Email

Knowledge Article Number 000213548
A BatchID identifies the batch associated with a Triggered Email Send event and is used to differentiate between multiple sends to the same Subscriber using a single Job.

Using BatchID

When Triggered Send API calls come in, the Triggered Send API handler ultimately inserts rows into a table and then queues up OMM to run the job as soon as possible. When the OMM slot for that Triggered Send runs, it will look at the table written to by the API handler and grab all the subscribers it can up to the maximum batch size.  

This means if you only have a few calls coming in and they’re far enough apart, it’s likely that any given batch might only have one subscriber in it. But if you look at a high-volume Triggered Send customer, you should easily be able to find large batches with up to 500 subscribers in them. It’s ultimately a function of things like the call timing and the Triggered Send priority, so a batch could have anywhere from 1 to 500 (the max) subscribers in it.

The combination of Job ID, List ID, Batch ID, and Subscriber ID must be unique. So if Job ID, List ID, and Subscriber ID are the same, then OMM must put them in a different batch to satisfy the constraint. Furthermore, even if one Triggered Send call is made, with appearing three times in the same call, OMM would have to put all three of them in separate batches to keep them unique.

If a link was clicked that appeared in a batch triggered email or only one email sent in a batched triggered send was opened, the BatchID can be used to track which one was opened.
Example: A purchase is made and a subscriber receives the receipt email from a Triggered Send. If that subscriber was sent two receipt confirmation emails and only one was opened, you can use the BatchID to determine which email was opened. The JobID, SubscriberID and ListID would be the same for both emails and are, therefore, impossible to help determine which one was opened.

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