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Trailhead FAQs


What is Trailhead?

Trailhead is an interactive learning path through the basic building blocks of the Salesforce1 Platform. Test your knowledge of the platform while earning points and badges to celebrate your achievements.


What is a unit, module, or trail?
Content in Trailhead is organized into units, modules, and trails to help guide you through everything you need to know about the Salesforce1 Platform.

A unit takes you through several learning objectives for a feature or tool of the Salesforce1 Platform. Most units conclude with a challenge that reinforces the learning objectives.

A module is a series of units for a particular subject area. Once you’ve completed all the units in a module, you will earn a badge that will be displayed on your Salesforce Developers profile.

A trail is a series of Modules, organized in a guided learning path to help you master different aspects of the Salesforce1 Platform.

Do you plan to add more content to Trailhead?
Trailhead is just getting started! Much more content is in the works (as you can see from the “coming soon” modules). Stay tuned! Have ideas for new content? Share them here.

Challenges, Points, & Badges

What is a challenge and how do they work?
A challenge is an interactive exercise that tests your knowledge of a related unit. Developers accept challenges by attempting to complete them on a Developer Edition and allowing Trailhead to assess the outcome. Developers will need to log into a Developer Edition via Trailhead to allow a challenge to be assessed. By completing a Challenge, you earn points that get added to your Salesforce Developers profile. View video for a demo of how challenges work.

How do I earn points and badges?
Point are earned when you complete each unit. Badges are automatically earned when you finish all the units in a module and are displayed on your Salesforce Developers profile.

How can I share my progress with others?
Whenever you earn points and badges, you’ll have the option to show off your achievements via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Badges and points will also be displayed on your Salesforce Developers profile, so you can share a link to your profile with anyone you wish.


Using Trailhead

What is a Salesforce Developers profile?
Your Salesforce Developers profile is the account you create on the website to access the Developer Forums, Trailhead, your profile, and more. You can use any Salesforce account to create this profile. Login to Trailhead with your Salesforce Developers profile to track your progress, badges, and points.

What is a Developer Edition?
The Developer Edition (DE) environment is where you develop applications for free. This account is free for life and can be used to complete Trailhead challenges. Learn more about Developer Editions here. If you don’t have one, signup here.

Should I create a new Developer Edition for Trailhead?
Yes, we recommend that you start with a fresh Developer Edition (DE) when completing Trailhead challenges since existing org configurations might conflict with changes you make for a challenge. You can use the same DE for all challenges. Create a new DE by signing up here

NOTE: If you already have a Developer Edition, you will need to choose a new username.

How do I login to Trailhead?
You can login to Trailhead via your Salesforce Developers profile which can be created with any Salesforce account, but note that you will need a Developer Edition to complete the challenges. If you don’t have one, signup here.

How do I complete a challenge?
If you’d like to complete a challenge, click the “login to take challenges” button on the challenge section of a unit. You will be asked to login with your Salesforce Developers profile which can be created with any Salesforce account, but in order to complete a challenge. If you didn't use a Developer Edition (DE) to create your Salesforce Developers profile, you will also need to authenticate with a Developer Edition so that Trailhead can assess the outcome of the challenge. If you did use a DE, then you are all set! Watch this video on how to complete a challenge. If you don’t have a Developer Edition, signup here.

Does Trailhead cost anything?
Nope! All Trailhead content is available for free. You can view all learning content without even logging in, but if you want to track your progress, complete challenges, and earn points and badges, you will need to login to Trailhead.Signup here for a free Developer Edition if you don’t already have one.

Can I start a trail or module anytime?
Yes, you can start or pause a trail or module whenever you like and they are not timed.

If I need to take a break from Trailhead, can I pick up where I left off later?

As long as you login to Trailhead, you will be able to track your progress and pick up where you left off.

How much time should I expect to devote to each trail or module?
An estimate of the amount of time it takes to complete each trail or module is shared at the beginning.

Do I have to follow an entire Trail, or can I just learn about a specific topic?
You can choose any path you like through this content. The trails are provided merely as a guide. The modules are designed so that you can jump around and study only the content you need to master. Find the list of modules by clicking “modules” in the Trailhead navigation bar at the top of your screen.

How many trails or modules can I take?
As many as you like!


How can I get help?
If you are in need of support, please do not log a case with our Support Team. Instead, search or post on the Trailhead topic in the Salesforce Developers Discussion Forums if you have any technical questions as you make your way through Trailhead. Salesforce Developer Evangelists, technical support, and key community members will be there to help you! Plus, feel free to give back to the community and answer questions yourself.

Where can I suggest a new trail or module?
We’d love ideas for new content! Share your ideas here.

Where can I suggest a new feature or share general feedback?
We’d love to hear from you! Use the “Share Feedback” button in the footer or on the right column to send feature requests or other comments.

I can't log in!
Oh no!
It could be your login URL - if your preferred language is anything other than English, your login URL may be need to be updated to redirect to our English site in order to login.

  • Change your URL from ".../fr" or ".../de" or "/es-MX" (or any similar variation) to ""
  • Input your credentials on this English page
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and switch the Language back to your preferred language

If you are still having trouble, use the “Share Feedback” button in the footer to request support or to submit feature requests and other comments.

I think my work is correct, but the challenge verification is still giving me an error.
If you think you've completed the challenge correctly, but you are still getting errors, make sure your instance does not have a namespace prefix. (What is a namespace prefix?)
If you are still having trouble, use the “Share Feedback” button in the footer to request support or to submit feature requests and other comments.

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