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Knowledge Article Number 000213562
Description How do I enable Thanks in a Community?
Resolution To enable Thanks in your community please follow these steps:

1. Login as a System Admin

2. Go to Setup | Customize | Communities | All Communities

3. Click the Manage action for the community you want to enable Thanks on

4. Expand the Administration tab and select Tabs

5. Add the Badges tab to the Selected Tabs list and hit Save

6. Login to the community and go to the Badges tab and start creating badges

You may want to consider adding the Recognition tab to your Communities users' profiles.  This will allow them to see all badges they have earned.  To do that please follow these steps:

1. Go to Setup | Create | Apps

2. Click the Edit action for Profile in Communities (Others) and add the Recognition sub-tab and hit Save

3. Go back to Setup | Create | Apps

4. Click the Edit action for Profile in Communities (Self) and add the Recognition sub-tab and hit Save

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