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Will changing Forecast Category fire Workflows?

Knowledge Article Number 000213564
Description When changing values for the Forecast Category on Opportunity Stages (at the object level), the warning: 'Changing the Type or Forecast Category will update all opportunities that have this stage value.' gets displayed. When this update happens, will workflows be fired?
Resolution To change the Forecast category related to the Opportunity stages (at object level), go to Setup-Customize-Opportunities-Fields, and click on the Stage field name. In the section "Opportunity Stages Picklist Values" you can adjust the settings for each Stage.
  • If you change the Probability percentage, the value of the Probability will not change on existing Opportunity records.
  • If you change the Forecast Category, the value of this field will be updated on existing Opportunity records, but this will not trigger Workflows.
Changes to these fields manually on the individual record will trigger Workflows but not when done at the object level via Set Up

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