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Why is "Manage External Users" Button Not Visible in Contact Layout

Knowledge Article Number 000213565
Description Sometimes System administrator notice that "Manage External Users" button is not available in the contacts page. Due to this, it would not be possible to assign a Customer Community license.
Resolution The reason why "Manage External User" button is missing in the Contact page can be narrowed down by checking the following:

(Also keep in mind that the "Manage External User" button is actually a series of nested buttons: 
Enable Partner User
Enable Customer User
View Customer User
View Partner User
Enable Super User Access
Disable Partner Super Access

Check if the Manage External User Button is in the contact page layout
  • Click on Setup | Customize | Contacts | Page Layouts
  • On the "Quick Find" box, type in Manage External Button
  • Once found drag it to the button section on page layout
Note: If there are different layout, determine which of those need this button and repeat the above steps for every layout where the button is required

If the button itself is not found, check if Communities is enabled by following this click path:
  • Click on Setup | Customize | Communities | Settings
  • If not enabled then that is what is causing the issue
  • In that case community has to be enabled
If Enabled, check if the permission "Manage External Users".  Depending on User Interface settings, you can check the permission one of two ways:​
  • If "Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface" is checked:
    • Click Setup | Manage Users | Profiles | System Administrator | App Permissions
    • "Manage External Users" is in the "Partner Relationship Management" section
  • If "Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface" is not checked:
    • Click Setup | Manage Users | Profiles | System Administrator
    • "Manage External Users" is in the "Administrative Permissions" section
​Also check if the contact is associated to an account. If the contact is not associate to any account then the "Manage External User" button will not be available.

If the issue happens in a sandbox you must ensure that there are appropriate licenses available. If the sandbox was created before the production org had community license then the "Manage External Button" will not be there in the sandbox. In such case ensure that production org has the required license, then refresh the sandbox. Keep in mind that any customization you have done in Sandbox will be lost after refresh. So exercise caution accordingly

If all these checks are positive and still the button is not visible please raise a case with Salesforce

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