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How do admins and indirect managers view summaries?

Resolution Admins, indirect managers (if you've enabled Manager Groups) and anyone else with indirect access to summaries cannot view them through the Performance tab.  They'll need the summary request link to access these summaries.  Where do you get the summary request link? One way is to build a custom formula field that contains the link, which can then be exposed in a report:

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1. Go to Setup | Customize | | Feedback Request | Fields

2. Click the New button under the Feedback Request Custom Fields & Relationships section

3. Select the Formula data type then hit Next

4. Enter a Field Label, Field Name and select Text as the return type

5. Enter the following in the formula editor:

IF( TEXT(FeedbackRequestState) = "Submitted", HYPERLINK("" &  Id, "View Summary"), "")

Note: Replace with your org's base URL, which can be found in your web browser's location bar

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6. Save the formula field

7. Go to Setup | Create | Report Types and select Performance Summary Cycles with Requests

8. Click on the Edit Layout button under the Fields Available for Reports section

9. Select Feedback Requests Fields from the View picklist

10. Drag the formula field you created and drop it into the Summary Requests Section

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Note: The name of the fields may be truncated, but if you hover over them it should reveal the full name

11. Hit the Save button

12. Go to the Reports tab and click the New Report button

13. Search and select Performance Summary Cycles with Requests

14. Look for your field in the available fields list and drag it into the preview table

15. Make any other customizations you may need (e.g. filter on all cycles, performance cycle name, group by subject)

16. Save & Run the Report

Clicking on the View Summary link for submitted summaries should direct you to the summary.

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