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Create a Twitter Retweet link

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Twitter has a service labeled "Web Intents" that allows you to build and format an href. When resolved, this will take the user directly to a Retweet, Reply, or Tweet page when the link is clicked.  In order to generate a Retweet link you'll need the Tweet ID for the Tweet you're using.


Create a Retweet link

Follow these steps: 
1. The numeric ID can be found in the URL to the individual Tweet by clicking the time-stamp of the Tweet. 
2. Copy the numeric Tweet ID and paste it into the following Retweet link, replacing the X's with the Tweet ID. 

For example: For an ID of "355722678411329538," this URL:

would look like this: 

2. If your account has the Web Analytics Connector enabled, ensure that the Tweet link doesn't have analytics appended to it because the analytics could interfere with the Twitter page functionality.  

Note: This is dependent on the current functionality of the Twitter Intent web service. For the most recent information on Web Intents, see Twitter for Websites: Web Intents.

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