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Add Coaching tab to the user's profile page in

Knowledge Article Number 000213589
Description An Administrator can add the Coaching tab to the user’s profile page by following the steps below. Please note that the Admin needs to have a user feature license assigned and access to the Coaching object.
1. Log in to Salesforce as an Admin.
2. Navigate to Setup | Build | Create | Apps.
3. Scroll down to "Subtab Apps" section, click Edit next to Profile (Others).
4. From the "Available Tabs," select Profile Coaching and add it to the "Selected Tabs" section.
5. Click Save.
6. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for the Profile (Self) app label.
7. Verify the object and tab access on the standard user's profile is correct.
Alert icon Note: The user's profile needs at least Read access on Coaching. The recommended access for standard user is Read, Create, and Edit. For more information on the recommended access, check the Recommended Profiles and Recommended Permission Sets.
8. Navigate to the user's profile and verify that the Coaching and Profile Coaching tab settings is set to Default On.

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