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Send totals are different for the Account Send Summary and Email Send Report in Marketing Cloud

Knowledge Article Number 000213612
The Send totals for the same period are different when comparing the output of the Account Send Summary Report to the Email Send Report.

There are some differences between each of the reports and the sends that they look at, which causes the different number of send totals.

Email Send Report

The Email Send Report shows all email sends in the account, including CC, BCC, and triggered sends. It also includes emails sent for sends that have been deleted from the tracking page.

Account Send Summary

The Account Send Summary, when the defaults are used, shows all of the email sends that are not deleted from the tracking page. Only those sends that were sent to Lists or Data Extensions and not marked as test sends are included. If the "Exclude Jobs Where Tracking Is Suppressed" radio option is changed to False from the default True, then test sends are also included. However, email deliveries generated through the BCC or CC options are not included.

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