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Conversion Tracking using the Accumulate Data attribute

Knowledge Article Number 000213618
Learn how Conversion Tracking behaves when using the "accumulate" attribute below. 

This attribute allows the accumulation of the amt values across multiple conversions. The amt is accumulated for multiple conversions by a single Subscriber where all conversions originate from the same link. Specifically, if the following values are identical in the Conversion Page's conversion tracking image tag, then data is accumulated.

Accumulation requires that the accumulate attribute is set with a value of  "true" (case sensitive) on the data node(s) within the image tag's XML. Accumulation occurs for any prior conversions using an identical unit value. If the values in the amt attribute can be totaled (for example, they are all numbers), then the current amt value is added to all prior amt values.

For example, assuming one Subscriber is clicking the same exact conversion tracking link:

1. The conversion occurs using the following data:
<data amt="100" unit="dollars" accumulate="true"/>
2. ExactTarget records a conversion event with: amt = 100, unit = dollars, accumulated_data = 100
3. The second conversion event occurs with:
<data amt="50" unit="dollars" accumulate="true"/>

4.  ExactTarget records a conversion event with: amt = 50, unit = dollars, accumulated_data = 150
5. ExactTarget retroactively updates the earlier conversion event (in step 2 above) with: amt = 100, unit = dollars, accumulated_data = 150

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