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Click Activity reporting unexpected percentages or click counts

Knowledge Article Number 000213619
When viewing the Email Overlay view for Click Activity in a job's tracking results, multiple links show the exact same percentage for the number of clicks, and the total for all percentages on the page exceeds 100%.
The Email Overlay and Link Name views in Click Activity group URLs together by the Link Name assigned to them. If no Link Name is assigned to a link, then the Link Name is defaulted to the URL.

If there are multiple links with identical URLs in the email, then the Click Activity tab in the job's tracking results will interpret these as the same link. The Email Overlay view will then display each of these links with the same click percentage, and the Link Name view will group these URLs together.

To resolve the issue, assign each link a distinct Tracking Alias within the Link Properties for each link in the standard email editor, or assign each link a distinct Link Name by setting the alias parameter of the <a> tag for each link.

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