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ANALYTICS CLOUD: Numeric Value Range

Knowledge Article Number 000213628

Analytics Cloud internally stores numeric values as long values. For example, it stores the number “3,200.99” with a scale of  “2” as “320099”. The user interface converts the stored value back to decimal notation to display the number as “3200.99.”


The maximum numeric value that can be stored in Analytics Cloud is 36,028,797,018,963,967 and the minimum numeric value is -36,028,797,018,963,968.


Warning: You may experience unexpected results if the value is not within this range. For example, if you try to load the value 3.7E-16 with a scale of 16 into a dataset, Analytics Cloud tries to store the value as 37000000000000000. However, because this value exceeds the maximum, Analytics Cloud fails to load the entire record. In addition, if you perform a query that aggregates measures—like sum or group by—and the resulting value exceeds the maximum, the value overflows and Analytics Cloud returns an incorrect result.

Resolution This behavior is known, but we are working to alleviate this limitation soon.

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