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Why do I get an 'Insufficient Privileges' message when I try to make a Case Comment public?

Knowledge Article Number 000213634
Description I receive an "Insufficient Privileges" error message when I'm trying to make a Case Comment public using the "Make Public" link. 
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How can I resolve this?
Resolution This is likely occurring due to an Email Template being stored on an inaccessible folder.

A System Administrator can verify this by navigating to: Setup | Customize | Cases | Support Settings
Look for the "Case Comment Template" option and click on the hyperlink so you can access the template.
Once the Email Template opens you can locate the "Folder" that is assigned to.

Note: "Enable Case Comment Notification to Contacts" must be checked to select a "Case Comment Template".

The Case Owner needs access to this folder/template to make Public Case Comments. You have two solutions:
  • Change the Email Template to a new folder: Click the "Edit" button in the Email Template Detail and modify the "Folder" to a Public one.
  • Change the folder to extend access to the Case Owner: Navigate to Setup | Communication Templates | Email Templates. Once there, select the Folder you want to modify from the drop-down list and click "Edit"
More about Creating and Editing Folders and Managing Folders.

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