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Case Description exceeds 32,000 characters when created via Email to Case and when you Edit > Save the Record, limit validation is hit

Knowledge Article Number 000213648
Description When we generate the Case Description based on the EmailMessage body we initially save everything to that field up to the 32K character limit (on the database side); however in some scenarios the Description field shows a few characters over the limit because the database and the UI code counts characters using different criteria.
Resolution This is by design; however, there are three workarounds:

1) Manually reduce the characters and/or remove line breaks from the Description so that count is below 32K (EmailMessage body still stay intact). This will let you edit/save the record without issue.
2) Create customization such as Apex Trigger to get remove extra characters on the Description 
3) Create inbound email Apex class (for Email to Case) and also create a custom long text Description field that will let you save characters over 32K

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