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Salesforce1 - Changes in Attribute Defaults for Visualforce Pages

Knowledge Article Number 000213649
Description Beginning in API version 33.0

To help improve Visualforce page performance, the associated style sheets and JavaScript are now suppressed by default.

In standard Visualforce the showHeader, sidebar, and standardStylesheet attributes by default are set to True, which means that the standard Salesforce header and sidebar are displayed, and Salesforce styles are used for the page.
When the same page is displayed within Salesforce1, the header and sidebar are removed automatically, in favor of the mobile-optimized user interface of Salesforce1.
However, in prior releases this behavior only removed the HTML for the header and sidebar.

With this change, the showHeader, sidebar, and standardStylesheet attributes default to false when the page is rendered in the Salesforce1 app container (either the Salesforce1 mobile app, or in a standard browser). The effect of the change is to suppress the inclusion of Salesforce style sheets and JavaScript that are used for the header and sidebar when the page is rendered in Salesforce1.
Resolution The overall result is to reduce the size of the resources that are sent to the page, which sometimes improves performance, especially for slow network connections. 
This change is versioned. Set your page to API version 33.0 or later to invoke the new behavior.

Note: If a page includes standard Visualforce user interface components that require styles or JavaScript—for example, —Visualforce sometimes includes standard resources that are otherwise suppressed. This inclusion of resources is required to maintain component functionality. 

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