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Marketing Cloud emails sent at different times have the same Last Modified Date

Knowledge Article Number 000213660
The Last Modified Date is updated by any modifications made to the email or properties of that email. If any emails are altered after they're sent, the Last Modified Date reflects it. For example, if you change the properties of the email after the email has been sent, the Last Modified Date changes to reflect the date that the properties were changed.
So, why is the Last Modified Date the same on multiple emails? It's because moving multiple emails from My Emails to another folder at the same time causes the emails to display the same Last Modified Date. The Last Modified Date updates to show the date and time that you moved them because it alters the properties of the emails.

When you move emails after they are sent, the Last Modified Date will be different than the Last Sent Date. If you want the Last Sent Date to be the last action on the email, it's a best practice to move the email(s) before they are sent.

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