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Create a bookmark for a section in an HTML paste email

Knowledge Article Number 000213661
Learn how to create a link within an HTML email which will direct to a specific section within that same email in Marketing Cloud. 

Format your Tags

Here's how to format the tags to create the bookmark in HTML code: 

1. Create an anchor tag in the HTML code that would make the page jump to the relevant content.  
<a name="calendar">This is the bookmark!</a>
2. Create a second anchor tag wherever you'd like the bookmark to jump to.  

Here's how to format the tags to create the link to the bookmark in HTML code: 
<a href="#calendar">Link to the bookmark in question</a>

Good to know: In the examples above the value of "calendar" is used for example purposes and can be changed to a value appropriate for the scenario. Make sure to include the hashtag in the link before the name of the bookmark. 

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