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Use AMPScript to create a Copyright Date with the current year

Knowledge Article Number 000213674
Use AMPScript to display the Copyright symbol with the current year in your Email or Landing Page. Follow these instructions learn how.

Create new Content Area

1. In Marketing Cloud Email, click ContentMy Contents.
2. Click Create.
3. Enter the name of the Content Area into the "Content Name" text box.
4. Click Next.
5. Select "HTML Only" as the layout for the Content Area.
6. Enter the following into the HTML section of the Content Area:

© %%=Format(Now(),"yyyy")=%%
7. Click Save
8. Enter the following into the HTML of your Email or your Landing Page:
%%=TreatAsContentArea("CopyrightDate",ContentAreaByName("my contents\CopyrightDate"))=%%



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