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Currently the Activity End Date is stored as a date with the time being 00:00:00, so if any goals, feedback or thanks are created on the same date they will not be included in users' Recent Work.  This is because they share the same date as the activity end date, but they are created after 00:00:00, which is past the activity end date.


If you want to include items created on the same date as the activity end date they must update the activity end date to one day ahead.  To do this they would need to put the cycle back into the Setup state using Workbench:

1. Login to Workbench as an Admin ( using your Salesforce credentials

2. Select Production from the Environment picklist, 32.0 from API Version picklist, agree to the terms and click the Login with Salesforce button

3. Select SOQL Query from the Jump to picklist, WorkPerformanceCycle from the Object picklist and click the Select button

4. Enter the following query in the Enter or modify a SOQL query below box:

SELECT Id,Name,State FROM WorkPerformanceCycle WHERE Name = 'Q1 Review'

Note: Replace 'Q1 Review' with the name of your performance cycle surrounded by single quotes

5. Hit the Query button

6. From the Results, click on the Id. Select on the Update button and change the State field value from Inprogress to Setup

7. Confirm the update

8. In Salesforce, go to the Performance | Deployment sub-tab and update the activity end date for the cycle

9. Deploy the cycle again. Notifications will not be sent out.

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